About Us

Who are the BCF?

The BCF is made up of Coasteer Guides and Coasteer providers who are looking out for the best interests of other guides and providers in the industry.

We are a non profit organisation who’s sole purpose is to improve the safety standards in the Coasteer industry. We are not a governing body and we did not set out to go down this route. We are a training provider who consider safety standards in a Coasteering environment to be of the upmost importance. We want to improve the knowledge and skills of Coasteer guides which in turn helps to promote Coasteering as a safe adventurous activity that works to the highest possible standards to keep our clients safe while still holding onto that all important spirit of adventure!

We are here for you and your company, for advice and guidance in all aspects of Coasteeirng, whether its technical advice when setting up your own Coasteering business or information and guidance on different Coasteering locations around the country.

The BCF are not a dictatorship, we welcome new members and are open minded when it comes to new training and rescue methods. We are constantly on the look out for other guides and providers with a real passion for the sport who are willing to give up a little of their spare time to promote the BCF and what it is we are trying to achieve. Which is Coasteering as a safe and fun activity open to all!

The BCF have always strived to keep our running costs as low as possible and up until this year the BCF have been offering free training and technical advice to anyone in the Coasteer industry and anyone wanting to get into the industry. All of our trainers, assessors, committee members and technical advisors are Coasteer guides who, out of a pure love and dedication to the sport, offer their services to us on a voluntary basis. Of course we would like to be able to pay them for their outstanding work, and hope to be able offer this in the future.

Due to the sheer demand of the BCF Coasteer Guides award, we have recently had to start making a charge for our courses. Following a solid 5 years of free training, we feel this cost is the only way for us to continue with the work that we do. Any course fees are fed directly back into the BCF and our voluntary staff remain just that. Which is how we can afford to keep the course fee down to the low cost of £135 for the Coasteer guides Award.

Although we run the SLSGB Coasteer Safety award at a cost of £71, this cost is sent directly to SLSGB and the BCF do not receive any monetary benefit from this.

The British Coasteering Federation are looking for guides and providers who have real passion for the sport who are willing to give up a little of their time to help promote safety standards within the industry. We are looking for fund raisers, committee members, trainers and assessors throughout the UK and Ireland. If this is something you would be interested in please contact the office to offer and gain further information.

David Paul Harriss– Chairman, T.A


Annemarie Kenyeres – Vice Chairman, T.A, Secretary


Sam Starkie – T.A


Joanne Harriss– Treasurer


Kurt Mcgivern– Marketing and Promotions