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The British Coasteering Federation was set up in 2006: Its main aim being, to introduce positive safety guidelines for Coasteering in the UK, Where no guidelines were currently in place. The BCF’s Coasteer guides scheme has been developed to promote safe standards for Coasteer guides. This scheme will help to produce highly trained and experienced guides.

Knowledge can only be gained in conjunction with experience, through time and training. The BCF Guides Scheme or BCFGS will cover training, consolidation period and assessment. As part of the scheme, all guides will be expected to assist alongside different Coasteering providers within the UK. This will help them gain and share knowledge and experience of different Coasteering locations.

The British Coasteering Federation encourages guides to expand on their knowledge and experience. The BCF will also help guides to find training and work placements throughout the UK. This will help in promoting safe standards for Coasteering within England, Scotland and Wales.  Guides will also be expected to further their Coasteer Guide training and keep up to date with any new First Aid guidelines. The BCF will inform all registered guides of any changes made to current Coasteering procedures.


The British Coasteering Federation is a self regulated body, with the objective of supporting the safe development of Coasteering in Great Britain.